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    Edward Hope


    To: The Staff of OMB Warehouse




    My name is Edward Hope I live in Richmond Hill Ga. I am 66 years old and have had several heart attacks and a stroke.  A while back I stated watching YouTube videos of lawn mower racing and the building of the machines and their engines and was impressed with what could be done with a riding mower.


                   After many day and nights of watching the videos I decided that it may aid in my recovery from my stroke if I tried to build something that my Grandson would like to ride around on when he comes up from Florida and that I could use to get around on my property since I have so much trouble walking.  I decided that I don’t want to build a racing mower to the extent that I had seen on the videos but just something that would move a little faster than a regular mower.


    So I decided to drag out an old Murray Riding Mower that I had retired before my health started failing.   The old Murray had been powered by a 12.5hp Brigg Flat Head.  I removed the deck and disassembled the engine in order to see why it was smoking when I retired it.  When I tore down the engine I found that the Exhaust Valve had some spots on it and needed to be replaced.  So this is where I started my adventure looking for a new exhaust valve during my search I found that the valve had been discontinued by the manufacture.


                   I then turn my search to the internet and found several used valves on E-bay and subsequently placed an order but I have been scammed twice and was less than pleased with the results of the two (2) experiences that I have had thus far.  I then turned to Amazon who I thought had a better repetition with backing up their orders however I found out that after waiting for a month on my order that they were just as bad.  After a short battle with Amazon and the vendor I gotten my money back and that brings me to the reason for this message.


                   I happened to get OMB’S name from a kart racer I had been communicating with on the internet and he assured me that your company was very good had reasonable prices and was very trustworthy.  Based strictly on his recommendation I place my order that very night.  I received an e-mail the following day advising that my order had been shipped and three (3) days later my order arrived in the mail.


                   As I have said I am 66 and my wife and I are living on social security and we don’t have a long of money to keep lost to scammers.  I just want to let someone at your company how grateful I am to find a vendor that during these trying times still does what they say they are going to do.




    Thank you from and old man!!!!!!!




    Edward Hope 

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    Thank you so much for your kind words... they really mean a lot!  Please provide your tshirt size and we'll send a care package with a shirt, a calendar, and some stickers.

    I'm going to edit out your contact info here since it's public.  :)


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